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Winter Driving – Winter Car Service

Nov 1, 2017

Winter Driving – Winter Car Service

When the weather starts to get wetter and colder, it’s time to start preparing your vehicle for winter driving conditions. wants all customers to remain safe over the colder months, in order to do this it is essential that drivers start to consider prepping their car or van ahead of time. Winter driving conditions can mean anything from ice, freezing temperatures, snow or just really cold windy days, due to these conditions we are prone to accidents.

Accident Exchange research shows that car accidents are 15% more likely to happen in the winter months and approximately 70,000 more accidents happen in winter than in other seasons. Accidents in the winter are also more likely to happen between 5pm-6:30 pm in rush hour times when drivers are commuting. Preparing your vehicle is key to preventing any skids, slides bumps or cracks in your car.

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What Can I Check Myself?

There are a few parts of your car that you can check and maintain yourself before the winter weather hits. Check your lights by walking around the car, or else park in front of a large window so you can see your car's reflection. Are the lights all in working order? If your car needs a bulb get a replacement before the winter weather begins as they are essential for visibility on the roads and with the darker nights, drivers must have lights in full working order.

Another winter driving tip is to have extra windscreen wash in the boot just in case you run out. There is nothing worse than running out of windscreen wash on a winter’s day when the roads are gritted and your windscreen starts to get cloudy, not only is it annoying for the driver it also reduces the visibility of the road and can cause accidents. It’s also worth checking the window wipers to see if you require new ones to improve visibility.

Check the car tyres to ensure the tread depth is ok! Winter tyres are the best for driving in snow or ice as they can really improve stopping distance and are designed in such a way that they can get a better grip on the road. It is worth considering changing your tyres to a winter tyre and if the weather improves you can take them off early and keep them to re-use next winter providing the tread depth is at least 1.6mm.

To be safe you can also book your car in for a winter health check which is also known as winter car service and let the experts gear your car up for harsher conditions. A winter car service is a check of all the elements of your car that are crucial for winter driving. can get quotes from multiple garages near you for a winter car service, why not try getting quotes online today?

What Is Typically Included In A Winter Car Service?

It depends on the service provider or garage, most packages will vary so ensure you read the description of what is included before accepting any quotes. Most garages will offer the following in a winter car service:

  • Battery Check
  • Oil Check
  • Bulbs checked
  • Blades checked
  • Tyre pressure
  • Windscreen wash
  • Some service providers will offer more comprehensive checks including an inspection of the brakes, suspension and fuel filters, so it’s worth comparing your options with

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    How Much Does A Winter Car Service Cost?

    Service providers offer a variety of types of winter car service from 5 point checks to 30 point checks, some of the smaller checks are free and the bigger winter health checks are under £30, so it’s well worth the money. The price also depends on the make and model of the car and whether the service provider is offering any winter car service promotions. A winter car service is guaranteed to put your car on the right tracks for the winter weather. Get a quote from a garage near you today!

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