Common Problems with Electric Window Regulators

Oct 12, 2020

Common Problems with Electric Window Regulators

Car’s have window regulators inside their doors to allow you to open and close your windows. Now that nearly all modern cars have electric windows which can be operated by the flick of a switch it’s important to know that just like all moving car parts, window regulators can become worn and damaged over time.

If you have window stickers or tinting this increases the thickness of the window and can put extra resistance and stress on the window mechanisms. The same goes for trying to put your windows down in frosty weather conditions. Almost all cars with electric windows have a lock button which can stop all power to the windows apart from the driver’s window for safety reasons, so if you find your windows aren’t working, check this button hasn’t been pressed accidentally.

Here are the main reasons for a faulty electric window Broken window regulator cables can cause your windows to jam or fall down the inside of the door. Frayed window regulator cables can produce abnormal noises when the window is moving and the window may not fully go up or down. During the colder months, the window can even freeze in the closed position. When window switches are operated, the window can separate from the regulator.

In some cases, windows can be re-secured without having to replace any of the parts. If your car’s windows aren’t functioning properly, your car is considered to be unsafe. Symptoms of a faulty window regulator

● When you press the window switch, you can hear the window motor running but the window doesn’t move

● The window is crooked when going up and down

● The window jams, doesn’t close properly or moves slowly

● Window falling down inside the door

● Abnormal noises when the window moves

No matter what the problem you’re facing, as we mentioned your car is considered to be unsafe if your windows are not working correctly and you need to have it looked at by a garage as soon as possible. Here at, we offer the easiest and quickest way to gather quotes from local mechanics in your area, saving you both time and money. Get your quote today!

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