Choosing the Correct Window Regulators for Your Car

Jul 2, 2019

Choosing the Correct Window Regulators for Your Car

Now that it’s summer, we get nice weather here and there, so we understand the struggle of wanting to put your windows down to let some air in. But what do you do if your windows won’t open? The chances are that your car window regulator has failed. Manual cars can even develop faults but fear not as it’s not a massive job.

What are window regulators?

A car window regular is a part that is located behind your door panel that is responsible for raising and lowering the window of a car door. It can be either manual or electric. Most cars today have electric windows, which means you will need an electric window regulator that connects to a motor.

Different types of car window regulators

  • Scissor System – motor operating gear which raises and lowers the car window using a scissor action of the rigid bars. Issues will be in the door cavity.
  • Bowden System – a cable is connected to both sides of the slider; the cable will be pulled when in operation making for a more efficient system. Commonly used on the rear windows of 4/5 door cars.
  • Double Bowden System – like the original Bowden system, but two sliders are used. Commonly used on 3/4 door vehicles as it allows a larger window to be raised and lowered evenly.
  • Cable System – used mainly on HGVS and older vehicles, the cable is attached to one side of the slider. This helps make it more efficient in one direction.

Why do window regulators fail?

The common reasons for failure are:

  • Part wear and tear or malfunction
  • High ambient temperatures will result in rubber seal expansion, putting a strain on the motor
  • Corrosion or non-use of rear doors
  • Accident damage

Market research has shown that window regulator problems are becoming more common. When it’s time to replace your window regulators, it’s an easy repair to do if you know what part is best for your car. If your window regulators need to be replaced, type in your reg number today and we will gather quotes from the local mechanics in your area!


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