Can Potholes Damage Your Car?

Mar 9, 2020

Can Potholes Damage Your Car?

The base layer of a road is disturbed during winter conditions, resulting in certain areas weakening. Because of this, potholes are abundant. With spring around the corner and the horrible winter weather we have had here in the UK, every driver needs to be avoiding the potholes forming in our road.

By driving over a particularly bad pothole, you need to check different elements of your car to ensure there is no damage.

Parts of your car that can be damaged by potholes


Suspension problems can arise from pothole damage, if your car begins to handle strangely you will need to have it looked at by a mechanic. Problems that can come from going over potholes are broken ball joints, misalignment, and damage to your shocks or struts. Other problems you may experience are loose handling, steering pull, or uneven wear on your tyres.


If you happen to drive over a pothole that is large or shaped in a way where the wheel rim will come into contact with the road, you could be in trouble. A bent wheel rim, whether this is the alloy or steel wheel can lead to blowouts. If a rim is bent or cracked, going over other potholes will cause a tyre to fail completely. Make sure you take time to carry out a visual inspection of your wheel rims if you suspect damage after going over potholes.


Tyres are the only component of your car that is designed to come into contact with the road and it will come as no surprise that they can suffer considerable damage by potholes. Check your wheels for damage regularly even when potholes are not present, check for sidewall bulges, tread separation and flats. You can prevent these issues by ensuring your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.


Your car’s exhaust is fixed to the undercarriage, which makes it prone to knocks. Potholes do take their toll on our cars, especially on lowered cars. If you suffer damage from a pothole, your car may experience a loss of power or emit more noxious gases than usual making your car unsafe for you and nearby pedestrians.

My car has been damaged by a pothole

If your car has been damaged by a pothole, you need to get the problem looked at by a professional mechanic in case there is more damage than you once thought and to keep you safe on the road. Here at, we can gather quotes from local mechanics in your area. Get quotes from your area today!


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