My Car Needs a New Battery

Mar 9, 2020

My Car Needs a New Battery

When the time comes to replace your car’s battery, it’s something a car owner never wants to have to do due to how expensive it can be. There are a few key warning signs that make for good indications that your car’s battery life is coming to an end. The obvious factor is your ‘Check Engine’ light flashing up on the dash, an indicator that the battery is slowing down, however, this can also relate to other issues.

You need to pay attention to your car, is it starting well and are there any unusual noises? It’s always good to know the condition your battery is in so you’re not left stranded. Here are a few signs that your battery is dying.

Signs you need a new car battery

Slow starting engine

This is usually the last issue you will experience before the battery dies completely.

Over time, the components inside your car’s battery will wear out, becoming less effective. If and when this happens, it is going to take your battery longer to charge for the starter, resulting in you waiting a few minutes for the engine to turn over.

Low battery fluid level

Car batteries will typically have a transparent part of the casing which has been designed to allow you to keep an eye on your battery’s fluid level, and if the fluid level is below the lead plates, it’s time to have the battery tested.

Electrical issues

One of the easier signs to spot is when you notice the electronics in your vehicle not working or dimming. If the battery loses its charge, it’s going to have a harder time running your lights, radio, and dashboard computer. If you use car phone chargers or other plug-in devices, the faster your battery is going to die.

Old age

The average lifespan of a battery is between 4 and 7 years, but this will all depend on how you drive and how many plugins you have in the cabin. If your battery is over or within the estimated life span, it would be worth getting checked by a mechanic.

Corroded connections

If you notice a white ashy substance on the metal parts of your battery, this indicates that you have a corrosion issue. Corroded terminals can lead to voltage issues and trouble starting up your car.

New car battery replacement

If you need a new car battery or are experiencing any of the above, it’s time to go to the mechanic. Need help finding a mechanic in your area? Here at, we can gather quotes from local mechanics in your area.

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