Can I Use Engine Oil in my Gearbox?

Jun 9, 2021

Can I Use Engine Oil in my Gearbox?

Can I Use Engine Oil in my Gearbox?

Caring for your car makes for a strong possibility of a failure free journey. Every driver needs to carry out regular checks on their car, as well as replacing fluids and parts that wear out due to daily driving such as tyres and brake pads.

One of the most essential things you need to do as a car owner is change the oil. Now, we aren’t just talking about engine oil - we are actually talking about changing the oil in your gearbox. This is something that is commonly overlooked by motorists and this article explains why you shouldn’t.

What is gearbox oil?

Without stating the obvious, gearbox oil is a lubricant found within the transmission system that has been designed to reduce the wear and tear on the internal mechanism. It usually contains extreme pressure additives to ensure it has high performance abilities.

What is the difference between engine oil and gearbox oil?

Gearbox oil has a higher viscosity than engine oil and this is because it better protects the gears, ensuring you have a smooth transition between them. The higher viscosity is also essential due to the fact there is no pump to push the oil around the gearbox. Therefore, you cannot use engine oil in your gearbox.

How to know when the gearbox oil needs changed?

There is a lot of debate around this topic, but the common consensus is that it should be changed around every 50,000 miles or that the newer designs of gearbox oil mean it will never need to be changed.

If you want to check your gearbox oil, it should be slightly red in colour. If you are experiencing slipping gears or a grinding noise from the clutch, these are common signs of faulty gearbox oil.

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