Does My Car Need a Fuel System Clean?

Jun 2, 2021

Does My Car Need a Fuel System Clean?

Does My Car Need a Fuel System Clean?

The fuel system of your car is crucial for fuel efficiency, especially if maintaining high miles per gallon is one of your goals. This is where a fuel system service comes in, experts recommend you carry out a fuel system service at least every two years or every 30,000 miles, depending on which comes first. This is an additional service to your annual service and depending on your driving habits, it can improve the overall performance of your car.

How to tell if your fuel system is underperforming

If you have never had your fuel system serviced, or didn’t even know this existed then think as to whether or not you have experienced any of the following:


●Reduced fuel economy

●Poor acceleration

●Rough starts

●Shudders when idling

Although some of the above could be related to other car problems, the above could be a sign that all you need is your fuel system cleaned.

What does a fuel system service entail?

When you take your vehicle in to get the fuel system cleaned, mechanics will take a look at the system carefully to ensure everything is cleaned and maintained correctly. It will also ensure they clean the necessary parts without causing damage to those more delicate components. Here is what the process entails:

Injector Clean

Fuel injectors take the petrol or diesel and spray it as a mist and the mechanics will start by clearing the injectors of any debris which can clog them and stop them from working correctly. You can expect to replace your fuel injectors every 30,000 miles.

Fuel Varnish Removal

Varnish can easily build up in your car’s fuel system and this can cause the throttle to stick, making it impossible to control air intake. When your mechanic cleans the throttle, they will ensure the sensors are also operating as expected. Varnish also impacts the valve operation and this will be cleaned carefully also.

Fuel Filter Change

The fuel filter has been designed to keep the impurities and debris out of the delicate parts of your engine but overtime, this will get build-up and it needs to be replaced.

Add Fuel Additive

Finally, the mechanic will add a fuel additive directly to your tank of fuel to get rid of any moisture build-up and will also maintain the injector and other parts to make sure you get the most of your fuel system cleaning.

Find a mechanic near me

Think you need to have your car’s fuel system cleaned? Here at, we can help you find a local mechanic in your area to carry out a fuel system service. Get your quotes today!

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