5 Ways To Tell Your Shock Absorbers Need Replaced

Jun 19, 2017

5 Ways To Tell Your Shock Absorbers Need Replaced

Shock absorbers are a vital organ to any vehicle, moreover they are essential for the safety of the passengers. A Shock absorber is designed to take all the impact of driving especially when the vehicle hits a pot hole or uneven surfaces. A shock absorber is there to keep the tyres on the road at all times, meaning it is just as important as a seatbelt or having brakes! For these reasons alone MyCarNeedsA have come up with the top 5 ways to tell if your car needs a shock absorber replacement.

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1.Unusual noises or rattles over bumps

The first way to tell if your shock absorbers need replaced is by unusual noises in your car, in particular when the car hits a bump in the road or goes over a speed ramp there will be a loud noise. Identifying this early on can also save a lot of hassle, if your car is making unusual noises then it’s a sure sign something isn’t right. Listen out by turning your radio off and driving the car over a few speed bumps at the speed limit to see if you can hear any unusual knocks or rattles.

2.Seems like your car takes a while to brake

    When shock absorber issues occur, it will be noticeable when the driver applies the brakes, it will feel as if the car has a longer stopping distance (by up to 20%). Also, if the driving or handling of the car feels loose or just a bit springy then this is a sign the shock absorbers will need replaced.

3.Car dips when you brake

    Another way to identify shock absorber complications is If the nose of the vehicle feels as if it is dipping forward when the brakes are applied. Or the car is taking more time to brake and isn’t taking corners well then then the shock absorbers are not handling the impact, reflecting that a replacement is needed. When the shock absorbers are functional the car should feel secure on the road.

4.Vibrating Steering Wheel

    Although this is a sign of various issues with your car a vibrating steering wheel is typically related to tyres, wheel alignment or else a shock absorber replacement is needed. If the steering wheel is vibrating take the car in for a shock absorber test.

5.Car swerving in mild winds

    This is down to the impact and the shock absorbers core function not working correctly, as they are designed to stabilise the car under difficult conditions. When there are mild winds you may notice the car veer more to one side which can be extremely dangerous hence the importance of having shock absorbers replaced.

    MyCarNeedsA Tip: Do the bounce test – If the car bounces more than once when applying pressure to the bonnet then your car needs a shock absorber replacement.

    Are you experiencing these symptoms? Why not get a quote from garages near you who specialise in shock absorber replacements? MyCarNeedsA is the right place to come to when you want to get a price for shock absorber replacements, we can find service providers in your area and get quotes within minutes.

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