​Why You Need Clutch Repair

Jun 20, 2019

​Why You Need Clutch Repair

A car’s clutch is tested when driving in bad conditions, bumper to bumper traffic or when you’re holding it at the bite point on a hill to prevent rolling back into the car behind.

Over time, it is only natural that parts of our cars are going to suffer wear and tear, but there are things we can do and bad habits we can tackle to increase their lifespan. But first, we must understand our clutch and why it may need to be repaired.

What does a clutch do?

The clutch is what transfers the power from the engine to the wheels and when you press the clutch pedal down, you can change through the different gears. We use our car’s clutch pedal in a variety of situations, such as, when waiting in traffic or when reversing to allow us to move very slowly.

Your clutch has a large friction disc that is in contact with the engine’s flywheel. When you press down on your clutch, this friction disc is pulled away from the flywheel, which allows the car’s engine to keep rotating without transferring the power to the transmission, and onwards to the wheels. When you press down on the clutch, the opposite happens, the movement travels from the flywheel to friction disc, then onwards to the transmission.

How do I know if I have a problem with my clutch?

In due course, the friction material on your clutch will wear out, which results in the clutch starting to slip (one of the most common clutch problems). As a car owner, it is easy to tell when your car’s clutch is slipping, as you will have an unexpected increase in engine revs when your car is in gear and there is no accompanying acceleration. It will also make itself apparent when trying to accelerate up a steep hill. Clutches will wear out slowly over time, however, depending on your driving conditions, this could mean it will wear out a lot quicker. If you are experiencing slipping or any other type of clutch related issues when driving, then it’s time for a clutch replacement.

Want to save the lifespan of your clutch? Here are some tips!

How much does a clutch replacement cost?

A clutch repair cost is very much dependent on the price of parts for your car model and the labour required for the job. It is an intricate job which can bring up the prices of labour!

The average price of petrol cars – parts can cost anything up to £180, however, if you drive a performance vehicle such as a BMW M5, then this price will be substantially higher.

The average price of diesel cars – parts are generally more expensive for diesel car owners and they should expect to pay more.

Where can I find a mechanic that does clutch replacement near me?

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