Why Is My Engine Sputtering?

Sep 17, 2019

Why Is My Engine Sputtering?

The driving experience should always be a smooth one. But, if you’re driving and your car’s engine begins sputtering, the first concern would be checking if your fuel level is THAT low. Is your fuel gauge full? Well, this could be a symptom of further engine problems.

If the engine sputtering problem is not corrected immediately, it can lead to further engine damage.

While engine sputtering can come from many problems, we have put together four of the most common reasons for experiencing it.

Common reasons for engine sputtering

  • Faulty spark plugs – vital to providing the necessary ignition for the air-fuel mixture. However, like anything, plugs can wear out and no longer perform the function they were designed for. If this is the case, you have unburnt fuel, causing the engine to sputter and misfire.
  • Clogged fuel injectors – fuel injectors take on the role for spraying fuel into the combustion chambers. This will be mixed with the air and ignited by spark plugs. If your fuel filter is clogged or dirty, you will have less fuel going into the combustion chambers. You may even find your car experiencing slow acceleration.
  • Leaks in the exhaust system – Exhaust gases are by-products of the internal combustion engine working through the ignition of air/fuel mixture. The catalytic converter is vital for removing any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. If you are experiencing a leak in your exhaust system, these gases will start escaping before they reach your car’s tailpipe, making that sputtering sound.
  • Catalytic converter fault – your car’s catalytic converter plays a vital role in removing those harmful gases previously mentioned from your exhaust. Sulphur needs to be broken down as it’s harmful to the environment. If your car’s catalytic converter isn’t working you will notice an eggy smell (the sulphur). At some point, your car will start sputtering and fail.

Who can fix my sputtering engine?

While these four problems listed above are four of many, they are the most common. If your problem is not on the list, it is worth getting it looked at before it’s too late. You can enter your reg number with us today and get a quote from our local mechanics who can tackle your car engine sputtering issues!


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