Why Does Wheel Alignment Matter?

Jul 21, 2020

Why Does Wheel Alignment Matter?

As car owners, wheels are something that tends to slip our minds despite the fact our car’s wheels and tyres are what get us moving on the roads! Wheel alignment is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of car maintenance, but what exactly is wheel alignment and why does it matter? What is wheel alignment? Wheel alignment refers to the angle your car’s wheels are set at, sometimes it is often referred to as four wheel alignment because all four wheels are aligned at the same time. Your vehicle’s suspension is likely to be the cause of wheel misalignment and this is because if you hit a pothole or kerb, you can disrupt your suspension and throw other components out of alignment. This then directly impacts the way your wheel’s are positioned. By checking your manufacturer’s guide, you will see the set specifications of how your car’s wheels should be aligned. What causes wheel misalignment?

There are three main causes of wheel misalignment which are:

● Sudden jarring or heavy impact caused by hitting something such as a pothole or bumping into a kerb.

● Worn parts caused by wear and tear, over time suspension springs can become worn and this will lead to a shift in the wheel alignment.

● Height modification is when suspension has not been changed to suit your car. Suspension is designed to work at a certain height and if you adjust the height of your vehicle without adjusting the suspension you can suffer wheel misalignment. What are the symptoms of misalignment wheels? If you experience any of the following problems, you need to get your car checked out as your wheel alignment could need adjusted.

● Tyres wearing abnormally or unevenly is the most common symptom of wheel misalignment and you should have your alignment checked as soon as possible.

● Your car drifts to one side while driving

● Steering wheel is crooked or vibrating

● Steering wheel does not return easily after a maneuver

● Tyre squealing

Why is wheel alignment important?

Wheel alignment is really important and it can even affect how safe you are on the roads. If your wheel alignment is off, your handling will be impacted giving you less control of the vehicle when driving. Your car can become unstable putting you at risk if you need to perform an emergency stop or avoid an obstruction. Tyres are dramatically impacted when your wheels are not correctly aligned as they will wear unevenly and have a much shorter life span. This means you’ll be paying out for new tyres quicker than you expected! You are also at risk of a blow out with wheel misalignment. Finally, misaligned wheels will have an impact on your fuel economy, and you will have to fill up more often. How much does wheel alignment cost? Have you read this blog and realised you’ve been experiencing symptoms of wheel misalignment? If so, you can get quotes for wheel alignment here at MyCarNeedsA.com! We will gather up quotes from mechanics in your area, saving you both time and money. Get your quote today.

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