What Should You Have in a Car Emergency Kit

Apr 20, 2021

What Should You Have in a Car Emergency Kit

What Should You Have in a Car Emergency Kit

Have you ever thought of putting together a car emergency kit? If not, picture this - you’ve got a flat tyre and you are forced off the road to wait on the recovery vehicle, but how long will you actually have to wait? Even if you pay for roadside assistance, there are some essential items you should consider keeping in your car in case of emergencies.

First Aid Kit

Whether you’ve bought a pre-packaged kit or put together your own, you want to be sure to include bandages in multiple sizes, antibiotic creams, over-the-counter pain relief such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, hand sanitiser and any essential medicines that you or your family members might need.

Warm Clothing

It’s always a good idea to keep blankets, hoodies or any other warm clothing items in the boot of your car should you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in the colder months.

Spare Tyre

While many cars will come with a spare tyre, others will not and having one on hand and knowing how to install it is important for all drivers. If you get a flat tyre, you’ll also need a few tools to be able to replace it with a spare!

USB Mobile Charger

While this device might not seem like a necessity, it is still beneficial to keep on hand should you need to charge your phone during a breakdown to be able to call for help. With a charger, you are also safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to walk to the nearest phone box to get in touch with someone to help.

Water & Non-Perishable Foods

It’s also a good idea to store non-perishable food time such as cereal bars and crisps, as well as bottles of water to keep you and your family less agitated waiting for assistance to come!


If you break down late at night and need to inspect the engine you need to be able to see what you’re doing!

Reflective Triangle

A reflective triangle stops you from getting hit on the side of the road in the dark as it lets other road users know there is a hazard up ahead, making it an essential safety item for your emergency kit!

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