What is a car history check and why it is important?

Dec 1, 2020

What is a car history check and why it is important?

What is a car check?

A Car history check will help you reveal the history of any vehicle before you purchase it, especially useful if you’re buying from a private dealer. Before you purchase a used car, you want to ensure its safe to buy. There can be lots of facts you need to check but a Total Car Check can help you uncover this information.

Why do you need a car check?

Often, some private sellers may try to hide the history of the vehicle in hope of increasing the value, and by using a company like total Car checks, you will be able to uncover the truth.

How is the data gathered?

A car check collects data from the DVLA, Insurance Companies, Policing and Financing companies as well as other motoring organisations they have access to such as SMMT and the VCA. All of this data is then put together to offer the most comprehensive check possible for your used vehicle.

Here are some of the important checks the reports can reveal:

● Finance outstanding - Purchasing vehicles on finance is now more popular than ever and they will not own the vehicle until the last payment is made. Selling while a finance agreement is still ongoing means someone may not have the legal right to sell it on to you.

● Written off - In some cases, vehicles may not be able to return to the road because they have been severely damaged and the checks can reveal whether the car has been deemed as a write off by insurance companies which may change your mind about purchasing.

● Stolen - Reports can tell you if the car has been recorded as stolen and prevents you from becoming the victim of a crime.

● MOT - Does the car have a full MOT history and is it legally allowed to be on the road.

● VIN and Engine Numbers - Cross referencing this data with the actual vehicle will ensure that no attempts have been made to disguise or alter the true identity of a vehicle.

Purchasing a used car? Time to run a check with Total Car Check!

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