Summer Survey Results

Jul 18, 2017

Summer Survey Results

It’s July and most people are now in the holiday mood and making plans for what to do and where to go! At we asked our customers what they were up to this Summer and the results are in.

The UK Are Remaining in the EU…For Holidays!

It seems this year we don’t want to travel too far according to the survey, with 81% of Britons staying within Europe this year for their annual holiday. In fact, 24% of people will be having days out from home this year and 23% of us will be holidaying in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, the majority of respondents, 35%, will be heading to somewhere in Europe. Only 6% of respondents are being a little more adventurous travelling somewhere else in the world and 12% are not going anywhere at all.

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Summer Car Service Before the Trip

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Out of the people surveyed 65% will be using a car on their holiday this year, so it seems the majority of UK are keen for a road trip and want to adventure. 54% will take their own car, 32% will drive to the airport and take a holiday from driving, while just 11% will fly and hire a car at their destination.

Before heading off 70% of people suggested they will have some sort of a check on their car, 26% have it checked by a mechanic from a local garage and 44% check over the car themselves and 30% will just set off on their journey.

When setting off on a long journey it’s always best to have the car checked to avoid any hindrances on the trip, compare prices for servicing near you with MyCarNeedsA.Com , simply enter your registration and get quotes directly to your email.

Whilst many UK holidaymakers love driving off into the sunset 45% find the traffic the most annoying part of driving and 23% find that getting lost is very irritating. Particularly in a foreign country getting lost can make driving that little bit more stressful, to avoid this, try updating your cars SatNav before you leave or taking an up to date map on your trip. Surprisingly only 13% voted for breaking down in a strange place as being the most annoying thing about a driving on holiday.

Besides the stress of getting lost, driving on the opposite side of the road and getting stuck in traffic UK holidaymakers love all the benefits of driving on holiday. 65% love the freedom to go where you want, 38% love travelling at their own pace and 44% said they can explore and discover the untouched areas that would be impossible to see without a car. Overall having a car on the trip means more freedom and not to mention it’s cheaper for families.

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In-Car Entertainment For Road Trips

Everyone has their favourite song or playlist when they get in the car or head off on a long drive. The respondents had their choice of a variety of legendary summer songs to choose from to keep them entertained on the journey and the results are here:

When asked, what is the favourite summer road trip song? Respondents showed a clear favourite.

21% Bryan Adams - Summer ‘69

14% Pharrell Williams - Happy

13% Black Eyed Peas – I got a feeling

13% DJ Jazzy Jeff - Summertime

12% Mungo Jerry - In the summertime

7% Alice Cooper - Schools out for summer

6% Madonna- Holiday

5% Justin Beber - Desposita

5% Katie Perry – California Gurls

4% John Travolta & Olivia Newtown John - Summer Nights

While the adults are listening to their favourite songs, MyCarNeedsA asked what is the best film for kids to watch on a long journey. The film that will keep most kids entertained this year is Minions or Despicable Me movies with 19% of parents choosing it as the best option. Following behind with 10% is The Lego Batman Movie and Fantastic Beasts with 8%.

What are you up to this summer? Let us know what your favourite summer driving song is by telling us on Facebook and Twitter, why not send us pictures of your summer road trip too!

Congratulations to our winner of the summer survey Ted Benneyworth from Hampsire who won £50 vouchers!

Ted Benneyworth

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