Steps to Starting a Car That Has Been Sitting

May 4, 2020

Steps to Starting a Car That Has Been Sitting

The current lockdown measures within the UK mean that many cars will be parked up for days on end, or even for months. Cars are not meant to sit around, they are meant to be used so when they do have to sit for long periods of time, parts can get rusty and fluids may start to break down.

Whether your car has been sitting for weeks, months or years, certain steps must be taken before you just go ahead and use it, especially if you want to keep your car running smoothly. Before jumping in, all you need to do are some basic checks for leaks, corroded fittings, brake condition, tyre pressure, the list goes on.

First step: Replace fluids

The length of time your car has been sitting is going to determine what fluids you are going to need to drain and replace before getting back on the road. If a car has been sitting for years, you’re going to need to drain all fluids.

If your car has only been parked up for a few months (which is likely to be the case if lockdown in the UK continues), your oil and filter are going to need to be replaced. Next, drain any fuel that has been lying in the tank. Check all other fluids to make sure they’re at the correct levels and inflate your tyres to the recommended pressure.

Second step: Check your car’s battery

If cars are going to be parked up for long term, many make the decision to remove and disconnect batteries to store them safely. However, if your car has only been sitting for a few weeks or months, the battery should only need charged.

Third step: Check the brakes

If your car has been parked up with the handbrake on, you may experience brake pads and discs sticking, some cars are worse for this than others. If this is the case, gently rock the car back and forward to release the brakes. Also ensure that your brakes are in perfect working order before heading back on the road!

Keeping your car in good shape during lockdown

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