10 Essential Car Repair Tips for Lockdown

Apr 28, 2020

10 Essential Car Repair Tips for Lockdown

Given that the whole world is going through the pandemic of COVID-19, you are forgiven if car maintenance is not at the top of your mind. However, since lockdown is continuing, many daily drivers are sitting for longer than usual, and now more than ever, proper vehicle upkeep is very important.

Here are our 10 essential car repair tips to keep your car in shape during lockdown.

1. Keep the battery charged by driving once a week

It’s a known fact that over time car batteries will discharge, and this is probably one of the most common concerns people have during lockdown. The good news is that the easiest way to prevent a dead battery is to drive your car at regular intervals.

How often you need to take your vehicle out for a drive will depend on the age of your car, the condition of the battery and your local climate. However, it is important that you still abide by the lockdown rules and only take your car out for essential journeys!

2. Regular driving helps keep car’s moving parts lubricated

By taking your car out regularly, you are not only keeping the battery charged, you are preventing the engine and other parts from drying out. If a car sits idle for too long, fluids can separate, seals can dry out and can cause damage to the vehicle. So, when you take your car to the local shops for essentials, you are keeping fluids circulating and all the moving parts well lubricated!

3. Give the car a clean

During lockdown, we are becoming a nation that loves a bit of DIY. Why not get out there and give your car a good clean to keep it looking its best and preventing damage further down the line. Cleaning your car exterior will prevent bird droppings, harsh weather or tree sap from ruining your paint work. Cleaning the inside is also important to help prevent the spread of COVID-19!

4. Avoid flat spots in tyres

Tyres lose pressure over time and if your car sits idle for too long, the weight of the vehicle can cause flat spots to develop where the rubber meets the road. Tyres with flat spots may need to be swapped out for new ones, so car owners should do what they can to avoid this.

5. Keep spare bulbs

Bulbs are one of the easiest car parts to replace at home, and during this time you should keep spares in your glovebox should you need them. Shops are going to be facing staff shortages and closures, you might struggle to find the correct bulbs for your car at such short notice.

6. Top up vital liquids

You should be checking your fluid levels on a regular basis to keep your engine well maintained and have your car ready to drive when you need to. While at home, top up your oil levels, fuel, coolant and window wash.

7. Handbrake

If you cannot leave the house due to health conditions you should sit in your car, apply the footbrake and release the handbrake from time to time. In doing so, this will stop the brakes from sticking. If you can, move the car slightly before re-applying the brake, just to vary the part of the drum or disc where the pads are gripping.

8. MOT tests

For those whose vehicles are due a MOT after March 30, you will automatically receive a six month extension but your vehicle must still be kept in a road worthy condition, you need to tax your car in this period and your insurance will still be valid. Find out more about MOT test extension here - https://mycarneedsa.com/blog/how-does-covid19-affect-my-mot

9. Park in a suitable place

If you are not planning on using your car for a while, you need to leave it parked somewhere safe and sheltered from the elements. A private garage is of course the best choice as it would help deter thieves and would protect your paintwork from adverse weather and other outdoor threats. If a garage isn’t an option, try find somewhere that is shaded during the day and well lit at night. A cover will also protect your car against the outside world.

10. Once you start driving your car, give it a visual once over

After driving your car every so often while in lockdown, it’s a good idea to briefly inspect your vehicle to make sure it’s still roadworthy. Go easy on your brakes during the first couple of drives, ease your way back into driving. Check the tyre pressure and your fluid levels.

If you have issues with your car and need to find garages that are still operating during lockdown, we can help! Get your quotes for repair today! www.mycarneedsa.com/get-a-quote/

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