Does My Air Con Need a Service?

May 4, 2020

Does My Air Con Need a Service?

The summer months are fast approaching and even now we are experiencing some of the best weather. One thing that we all appreciate during the hotter months is our car’s air conditioning system.

The last thing you want is to get into your car and find out that it is no longer working as expected, and the only way to avoid this is to have your air conditioning serviced regularly.

What’s included in an air conditioning service?

A car air conditioning service is designed to replenish the liquids used by the system and to ensure that everything is working as it should be. By getting your air-con serviced regularly, you are reducing the risk of leaking gases into the system. A service is going to rectify any faults and replace any necessary liquids.

How often should I get my air conditioning serviced?

It is recommended that you have your car’s aircon serviced every 2 years.

What happens during an air conditioning service?

During the service process, a mechanic will do a full check of the system to ensure there are no leaks before replenishing any liquids. The mechanic will then expel air and moisture from the system and begin replenishing the refrigerant and oils to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. Finally, they will ensure that the temperature output is correct.

Why does my car air conditioning smell so bad?

If you have been hit in the face with a smell that can only be described as rotten eggs when you turn your air con on, it means you need a debug service. The evaporator in your car’s air conditioning system is the perfect place for mould, fungi and bacteria to thrive. This then produces a foul odour when you turn the air con on and means that bacteria will be blown into the cabin, even causing illnesses in some cases.

When you get your air con serviced by a professional, they can carry out a debug to decontaminate the system and remove these odours.

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