I Didn’t Get My Car Serviced Due to Lockdown - What Should I Do?

Mar 3, 2021

I Didn’t Get My Car Serviced Due to Lockdown - What Should I Do?

I Didn’t Get My Car Serviced Due to Lockdown - What Should I Do?

Back in 2020, the government stated that if you didn’t need to drive then you shouldn’t, meaning only keyworkers were able to take their cars for an MOT or to garages for any necessary checks and repairs. For non-keyworkers, this then meant many missed their annual service due to lockdown restrictions and now that we’re into 2021 and heavy restrictions remain, what should you do if you missed it?

Can I get my car serviced during lockdown?

Any garage that performs services, MOT or repair work is allowed to remain open to perform any work on a vehicle that is considered to be essential or vital to the safety of the vehicle. MOT’s are essential because driving without a valid MOT is illegal, but having a service may not be considered essential for some vehicles depending on their condition.

If you do take your car or vehicle to the garage, the Government advice will be followed. Tradespeople are allowed to continue working to keep you save on the roads or if you need your vehicle to get to work.

Will a service break affect my warranty?

If you drive a vehicle with a service agreement based on the mileage the vehicle racks up as you drive it, not driving your car much during the coronavirus lockdowns will solve the need to have your vehicle serviced. This is because you won’t be adding miles to the car and your warranty will stay intact.

If you have your vehicle running on fixed service intervals, it’s a bit more complicated but the majority of manufacturers will allow a grace period of around one month to get the vehicle serviced before your warranty becomes invalid.

If you’re unsure as to how you will be affected, it will be best to contact your manufacturer or car dealer directly.

If your scheduled service is coming up and you are worried about the condition of your vehicle, it’s best to get advice from professionals. If you want to find a local garage in your area, use MyCarNeedsA.com to gather quotes! Get your quotes!

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