How to Find an Honest Mechanic

May 29, 2019

How to Find an Honest Mechanic

If you have a newer car, you might be fortunate enough to entrust the car dealership with the maintenance, or even receive free servicing in your deal. But for those car users that have an older model, it may be easier to use a nearby mechanic.

Finding the best mechanic that isn’t going to charge extortionate prices can be very difficult. Here at, we understand how important it is to find a trustworthy mechanic, so we have put together a few tips to make sure you find the best in your area.

  1. Do your homework

It is very important to kick off your search with a bit of research, and thanks to the internet, there is now a wealth of information available to us at our fingertips. Google searches will help rank car mechanics local to you. From this information, you will then be able to find reviews on the garages, whether this is on their social media sites or review sites, allowing you to narrow down your search. Even get some recommendations from friends and family members, word of mouth offers the most trustworthy reviews.

  1. Shop around

Along with doing the research, don’t be afraid to get some quotes from different garages as this will give a good idea as to whether the mechanic will be overcharging or charging similar prices to other mechanics near you. If you know exactly what the mechanic needs to do, such as a service or brake pad replacement, why not let us gather some quotes from our trusted mechanics in your area?


  1. What can I do at the garage

Before the mechanic gets started on repairing your car, you want to make sure that you get a full quote including labour, parts and VAT. You also want to make sure that the mechanic will be using approved or equivalent parts as you don’t want to lose the warranty on your car. As well as making sure you get a full receipt, make sure the mechanic is stamping your service book, as this shows you’ve been looking after the car from it came into your possession if you decide to sell it on.

If you understand car mechanics or know someone that does, don’t be afraid to ask the mechanic to show you the work they’ve done, as they will give you tips on different signs to look out for if the problem was to occur again. If you’re not happy with the work, always get a second opinion to make sure the car is working to the best standards.

  1. Keep on top of your car maintenance

It is very important to stick to your car’s maintenance schedule, such as getting it serviced every year. There are things that car owners can do themselves to make sure their car is in full working order, such as dipping for oil to make sure the levels are right. Car owners with newer models will have certain messages flash up on their dashboard when they need a problem fixed, making it easier for them to know what exactly the car needs.

We understand that trying to find the best mechanic can be a challenge, but here at, we can help make that search a bit easier for you. Let us do the work for you, by gathering together quotes for the work you need done.


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