How To Drive A Manual Car

Sep 17, 2018

How To Drive A Manual Car

As car owners, we can often take for granted of how we get from A to B and it can be difficult to explain how to drive a manual car, even if you have been driving for years. Driving a manual car is a little more complex in comparison to driving an automatic car. There is a lot more than just braking and accelerating, manual car owners are faced with the task of using the gears and the clutch pedal. Learning how to drive a manual car properly could save you money down the line, riding the clutch or not driving your manual car in the right gear can cause clutch problems, so take the time to learn how to drive a manual car properly.

Here Is A Step By Step On How To Drive A Manual Car

How To Drive A Manual Car Step By Step
1 ABC, accelerator, brake and clutch
2 Start the engine and apply the clutch
3 Every time you need to change gear, you must apply the clutch pedal
4 Move the gear into first
5 Release the handbrake
6 Slowly release the clutch you will feel the biting point if the car starts to judder press the pedal back in slightly to find the optimal biting point.
7 Always check your mirrors
8 Release the clutch and continue to accelerate


Big deal, don’t panic. This can even happen to the most experienced driver, the car is perfectly fine, you have not damaged it. Simply press the clutch pedal back in and turn the engine on and start from the beginning. Just try releasing the clutch very slowly until you can get used to the clutch biting point, once you have the biting point give the car some gas and release the clutch slowly.

Now that’s you started, it’s time to think of changing gears

Everytime you increase and decrease your speed you will need to change gears to match the speed, to a change gear all you need to do is press the clutch in, take your foot off the accelerator and change the gear from 1st to 2nd. Then take your foot off the clutch easily and apply the accelerator again.

Repeat this motion every time you need to change gear, eventually, this will become second nature. It’s best practice to check the mirror everytime you change gear, however when you are doing your driving test make sure you are checking your mirrors regularly.

Moving Down The Gears In A Manual Car

The same concept applies from moving up the gears, release the accelerator and apply the clutch and move from a higher gear to a lower gear, the gear should always match your speed and rpms. Take it easy braking and adjusting the gears and keep an eye on the car head just in case they stop suddenly.

Driving a manual car will become second nature, practice makes perfect. Just keep trying and going through the motions until you get it right. Eventually, when you get used driving a manual car it will seem so easy.

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