How to Clean Your Car Interior to Reduce the Risk of Spreading Coronavirus

Jun 2, 2020

How to Clean Your Car Interior to Reduce the Risk of Spreading Coronavirus

The global coronavirus pandemic continues to infect many individuals across the world, and we need to play a major part in reducing its spread. As well as following the guidelines set out by the government, us drivers need to be cleaning the inside of our cars. But do not panic, we will be telling you where the worst infected areas could be and how to properly clean the interior.

Before you begin, it’s best to wear PPE such as masks, disposable gloves and disposable aprons to protect yourself from not only the virus, but to protect yourself from the chemicals used in cleaning products.

Where to clean

It is worth giving the whole car a good clean, both inside and out. But you should be prioritising the areas that are frequently touched such as the door handles, gear stick, dashboard controls, seats and arm rests, seat belts and of course the handbrake.

The most important area is the steering wheel, studies have found that steering wheels can carry up to four times the number of germs than the average toilet seat. So, getting into the habit of cleaning your steering wheel is important even when coronavirus is under control.

Coronavirus is a new illness, and scientists are still not fully clear on how it spreads between people. With this in mind, taking the time to clean your mats and carpets is also beneficial when trying to reduce the spread. This is something you need to be doing especially if you are going to have vulnerable people in your vehicle.

How to clean your car

The best way to clean your car’s interior is to clean then disinfect. It’s best to use car-specific cleaners, however if you do not have them on hand household cleaners would do the trick. A deep clean will weaken the protective pocket of COVID-19.

It’s important that you don’t scrub too hard as you don’t want to remove dye or surface coatings! Using microfibre cloths will minimise potential scratches.

Products to use

To give the car a thorough clean, its best to get cleaning materials specifically for car fabrics, exterior metal plastic and interior plastic, vinyl and leather. When using these products, check the back to follow the guidance of the manufacturer as these will tell you the surfaces to use the products on.

Cars have many different surfaces and materials which will differ depending on the make and model of your car, meaning you need different products for different cleaning methods. If you’re struggling to find the cleaning materials you need, go online as there are a wealth of homemade ideas that can do the job!

Products you want to avoid are bleach and peroxide based cleaners, chlorine bleach and ammonia based products.

Time to disinfect your car

Now it’s time to disinfect those key areas that we mentioned. Alcohol based disinfectants are the best to use when disinfecting.

After cleaning

Your disposable PPE should be doubled bagged and thrown away in the rubbish. Wash your hands as recommended for 20 seconds after removing your PPE and other protective clothing.

It’s important to do your bit to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Make sure you follow the government’s guidelines and stay safe. Check out our other blogs discussing all you need to know about MOTs and looking after your car all year round! is the easiest way to get quotes from pre-approved garages and mechanics local to you, saving you time and money!

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