How Much Does It Cost for Vehicle Remapping?

Aug 1, 2019

How Much Does It Cost for Vehicle Remapping?

What is Vehicle Remapping?

Vehicle remapping is done to increase the performance of your car by altering its onboard computer. This has become increasingly popular over the last number of years due to the car’s electric control unit (ECU) plays a huge part in how cars operate nowadays. To adjust the ECU requires a laptop or handheld device, the good news is that no physical changes are made to the car. As no extra parts are involved, this adds to the appeal and affordability of a remap for today’s petrol heads.

Are there risks with vehicle remapping?

While remapping can have advantages such as, increasing fuel efficiency if you can’t resist the urge to put the foot down, it does come with some disadvantages that you need to be aware of before you fork out the money. Car remapping can cause reliability problems, but you can avoid this by using a reputable company that has a strong reputation for remapping cars. Companies like this are easy to find with, get quotes today!

Vehicle remapping will put extra strain on your engine, but it’s not going to be a dangerous amount. Be sure to tell your insurer of any modifications you make. As the last thing you want is to invalidate your insurance policy! Some insurance companies will avoid remapped vehicles, others will simply charge a fee.

So, how much does vehicle remapping cost?

Basic car remapping can be as little as £150. The price is only going to increase and will depend on the amount of programming and testing is required, the type of vehicle you have and whether it is done via a laptop and cable. Costs will also increase if you want a handheld or dash-mounted device that controls and switches between engine maps.

If you’re thinking about vehicle remapping why not let us gather some quotes from reputable mechanics in your local area? Enter your reg number today!

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