Driving Habits that Damage Your Car

Aug 25, 2020

Driving Habits that Damage Your Car

As drivers, we develop bad habits without even realising it. You may think your habits are harmless and aren’t causing any damage, but some of them pose safety risks and can also damage your car. Here are a few of the bad habits that can damage your car, how many of these do you do?

Resting hand on gear stick

Are you the type of driver that keeps both hands on the wheel, or do you find yourself resting one hand on the gear stick? Not only is this a dangerous way to drive, you could be damaging the selector fork or other internal parts of the gearbox as you apply unnecessary pressure. These components will then wear out quicker than the ordinarily would and can result in noisy gears or failure to select the gear properly.

Dragging the brakes downhill

By dragging the brakes you will add increased wear and tear on your car’s brake pads and discs, meaning you will have to replace them more frequently. When travelling downhill, instead of dragging your brakes, engage a lower gear and apply some light braking instead.

Hitting potholes and going over speed bumps without slowing down

Potholes are the bane of our existence, but as drivers we need to pay more attention and take care not to hit them at full speed. The impact can cause lumps in tyres, blown tyres, cracked alloys, and can upset the wheel balance. Driving over speed bumps without slowing down can also cause damage to the front and rear of your car.

Riding the clutch

Riding the clutch is always a bad idea and is considered to be a wear and tear item, so it won’t be covered in your warranty. This usually happens when you fail to take your foot off the pedal when changing gear or doing a hill start.

Poor clutch control will cause excessive wear and shortened life span.

Revving the engine when cold

While your car is parked for the night, the oil in the engine succumbs to gravity and will settle at the lowest point. When you get into the car and start revving your engine as soon as it starts up the engine oil doesn’t have time to circulate properly. This can lead to metal on metal friction causing undue wear and tear.

Flooring the accelerator in high gear

Nowadays, modern cars have a gear shift indicator which will tell you when to change up or down a gear. These tend to be set for economy so you can maximise efficiency. But more often than that, we can ignore it and by accelerating at low rpm or in too high a gear, the engine will be working harder, placing more strain on the motor.

These are just some of the common bad habits we have as drivers, and it’s important to remember that prevention is the best cure. By reviewing your habits and making changes, you could save more money down the line.

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