Choosing the Right Headlight Bulbs for Your Car

Jun 16, 2021

Choosing the Right Headlight Bulbs for Your Car

Choosing the Right Headlight Bulbs for Your Car

Have you recently experienced a blown headlight bulb? Then you will know how confusing it can be when choosing new headlight bulbs for your car due to the variety on the market. You want to make sure you get the right bulb, so we are going to take you through the basics to help you choose the right bulb for your car.

Things to consider when buying headlight bulbs

There are three things you need to look at when replacing your headlight bulbs which are:

Life expectancy - the amount of time your headlight will spend behind the glass before it needs to be replaced again. If you have daytime running lights or do long distance driving at night this is an extremely important factor to consider.

Brightness - the brighter the headlight, the better forward vision you will have when driving at night, however brighter bulbs work harder and are likely to have a shorter life expectancy.

Whiteness - whiter headlight bulbs give a high definition view and can update the style and appearance of your vehicle.

How to find out which bulb you need?

If you are unsure of which type of bulb your car needs, you can check your vehicle handbook to find the fittings that your vehicle needs for each type of light.

Depending on how difficult it is to do so, you might be able to remove the headlights yourself and take a look at the bulb to see the fittings stated around the casing of the bulb.

Reasons why you should upgrade your headlights

Better lights are going to give you a sharper view and also improve the appearance of your car. Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your headlights:

●Often, the original lights won’t be very bright and you might need something brighter for a sharper picture of the road in front of you.

●Newer bulbs are more affordable and have a longer life span.

●LED and HID bulbs are better than halogens and make it easier for you to see the road at night.

Need a headlight replacement?

Need to replace your headlights but unsure of how to do it yourself? Get in touch with today to find a garage local to you!

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