Can Inactivity Affect My Tyres?

Jul 21, 2020

Can Inactivity Affect My Tyres?

As the Coronavirus pandemic lingers and lockdown measures have eased ever so slightly, many of us are still working from home and not using our cars as much as we would have. In previous blogs, we have discussed many tyre hot topics such as tyre tread depth and how to spot a damaged tyre, but now it’s time to discuss the impact inactivity can have on our tyres.

But even before lockdown came in, it wasn’t uncommon for people to leave their cars parked up for long periods of time, and while it isn’t likely to cause a whole lot of issues we want to ensure that you’re safe anytime you venture out onto the roads.

Does tyre inactivity affect my tyres?

It wont come as a surprise that your tyres experience a lot of wear and tear and there are many scenarios where they can encounter damage. Leaving your car stationary isn’t the worst of them all, but the risk is still there.

Tyre inactivity will increase the risk of flat spotting, and this happens when your car is stationary for a long period of time and causes a flat spot in the area where the tyre meets the ground. How severe a flat spot will be will depend on things like how heavy your car is, is the tyre pressure low and how long it has been still.

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Can I prevent tyre inactivity damaging my tyres?

The good news is yes, you can prevent inactivity damaging your tyres and it’s quite simple. Every week, you can get out and move your car slightly forwards or backwards, shifting the weight on to a new spot of the tyre. You also need to ensure your tyre pressure is at the manufacturer’s recommendation.

If you venture out after a long period of inactivity and notice a vibration you should consider getting your tyres looked at to prevent any further damage. Tyres cand deflate and lose pressure when they’re not being used, and this is due to rubber being porous and air molecules can make their way through the rubber over time.

Here’s a checklist you can refer to for keeping your tyres in good condition during periods of inactivity:

● Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. You can find this in your manufacturer’s handbook.

● Regularly rotate your tyres to shift the weight to a different spot.

● Check your tyre tread to ensure your first time back on the road is a safe one. Find out more about why tyre tread depth is important.

● Check the age of your tyres, if they are more than six years old you need to carry out a thorough check to ensure there is no other damage and that they are safe to use. is the easiest way to get quotes from local garages and mechanics in your area, saving you both time and money! Get your quote today!

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