Can Car Servicing Improve Performance?

Jan 11, 2021

Can Car Servicing Improve Performance?

Keeping your car in good condition by having it serviced at regular intervals is something that many car owner’s overlook. However, it is one of the best things you can do to increase the longevity and performance of your car, servicing can come at a cost in the short term but it prevents those high repair bills in the future.

Here at, we know how important a full service history is, and to help you understand how it will benefit you we have put together a few important points on how car servicing can improve performance.

Engine performance

The car engine is the heart of your vehicle and you want to take special care of your engine, there are many moving parts and many things can go wrong with this, but the simple and regular maintenance work that comes from a car service will help improve performance and keep your engine in good condition.

Having regular oil changes will keep everything lubricated and moving as it should and this reduces the chances of a breakdown. This also helps elongate the life of the engine.

Fuel economy

As car owners, one thing we hate is when we don’t get as much out of a full tank of fuel and this is a key indicator that the vehicle is lacking in performance or using more fuel and producing more emissions than it actually should be. When your car is regularly serviced, you can postpone these issues from happening. This means your car will use less fuel and release fewer harmful emissions into the environment.

Brake performance

You don’t need us to tell you how important your brakes are. It’s very difficult to check the condition of your own brakes to ensure they’re working correctly and having regular services will ensure they are keeping you safe on the roads.

Tyre performance

Another important safety feature is the tyres as they are the only point of contact you have with the roads. While you can only check the pressure in your tyres and tread at home, services will help you spot other, less obvious flaws such as structural damage.

Suspension and steering performance

Another aspect of the car very difficult to keep up with is steering and suspension performance. Regular services will check over these to ensure they’re keeping you safe on the road and help reduce knock-on effects such as damage to tyres and wheels. is the easiest and quickest way to gather quotes from local mechanics in your area, saving you both time and money. Get your quote today!

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