Buying A Used Car? Here’s Why Car Service History is Important!

Sep 18, 2020

Buying A Used Car? Here’s Why Car Service History is Important!

When talking about buying a used car, everyone will give you the same advice - try and find one with a well documented service history. But why is this the case, and why is service history such an important item to have with your next used car?

Why is car service history important?

Awareness of prior services

One of the most important reasons to have a car with a well documented service history is because you will then know when and where the previous services have been performed. If you buy a used vehicle without any history, you’ll have no idea when the oil and filters were last changed, or if any work was recommended to be carried out over the next few months.

You will not know when the brakes were last fixed, when the tyres were last rotated, but with the service records, you will be privy to all this information and can be prepared for any possible work that needs carried out on the car.

Shows the car was looked after

With the service records, you will have proof that the car has been carefully maintained, a car with many service records shows good ownership and that the previous owner was willing to spend money on keeping the car in good condition for themselves and any other owners down the line. Buying from a high-quality prior owner is extremely important!

What if the car I want to buy doesn’t have any service records?

If you have found your dream car, but it doesn’t have any service records do not worry. In some cases, the previous owner may have been performing the regular services but didn’t care to keep the records. While a car with records is more likely than one without, if you do buy a car with no history insist that it has a once over by a professional before signing anything. is the easiest way to get quotes from local mechanics in your area, saving you both time and money. Get your quote for repairs you need today!

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