Brake Maintenance Tips For Your Car

May 15, 2018

Brake Maintenance Tips For Your Car

It’s obvious how important brakes are to your car, without maintaining your brakes you could be looking at spending more on brake repairs. To improve the chances of having to pay for a brake replacement try regular brake maintenance to keep on top of any issues.

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Here is how you can keep on top of your brakes with regular Brake Maintenance:

Check Your Fluids

Check your brake fluid every so often, check the level first to see if the car requires a brake fluid change. Secondly, check the colour of the fluid if it's a cream colour then this indicates that water and moisture have got into the brake fluid and this will need to be changed. In mechanical terms this can be called bleeding or flushing your brakes. Flushing your brake fluid enhances the performance of your brakes and helps with overall brake maintenance.

Stopping From A Lower Speed

When you stop from over 60mph the brakes have to work a lot harder in order to bring the car to a halt, an easy tip is to start controlling your speed and stopping distance. Running down the gears and gradually stopping will help maintain your brakes.

Excess Weight In The Car

Is there is any additional weight added to the car? This is quite similar to high speeds as this adds extra pressure to the brakes, if you are in a car or van that always has a full boot then think about starting to store your stuff somewhere else. In order to maintain your brakes remove anything not needed from the vehicle and this will improve the lifetime of your brakes.

Regular brake maintenance is something that all drivers should do, here are some frequently asked questions about brakes answered:

How Often Should I Check My Brakes?

Check them with every car service, recommended every 6K miles or 6 months whichever comes first and most definitely once a year if you are not doing a lot of miles. If you notice any squeaks, squeals and spongy feeling in the brakes then you know it’s time to get new pads and maybe discs . To keep on top of brake maintenance just have them checked regularly.

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What Are The Pros Of Having Regular Brake Maintenance?

Every garage will look at the core areas of the braking system, having these checked regularly will prevent a costly repair bill in the future if they are maintained regularly. Regular maintenance also prevents potential fatal accidents and ultimately keeps your car safe on the road.

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