Are There Different Types of Car Servicing?

Jun 16, 2020

Are There Different Types of Car Servicing?

At least once a year, a light will pop up on your car’s dashboard reminding you that your car needs its regular maintenance check. A service can be carried out at set time intervals, whether this is every 6 months or every year (this all depends on how you drive your car). Your car’s manufacturer will specify the service intervals by creating a schedule that you should aim to follow.

During a service, a mechanic will replace aging parts and any fluids, as well as carrying out a visual inspection to ensure you’re safe on the roads. It is not the same as a MOT test which is a legal inspection to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive based on a checklist set out by the DVSA.

There are three different types of service, Interim, Full and Major. When you take your car to the mechanic, they may have their own names for the different types, so if you are confused just ask as all are distinctively different.

Car servicing types explained

Interim Servicing

If you go for the interim service, this is a very basic service, it can be done every six months or 6000 miles, whichever comes first. Typically, an interim servicing package will include an oil change, oil filter change and an inspection of the car’s main components such as your tyres, brake pads and lights and advise you on any potential need for repairs.

A service does not involve fixing of any parts, simply to top off essential fluids and advise on what needs to be carried out.

Full service

The mid-range servicing option is also known as a full service. This type of service package is generally recommended every 12 months, or every 12000 miles whichever comes first. A full service will of course include everything that is covered in a basic service, plus more in-depth checks. Additional filter replacements will be included, as well as in-depth brake and engine checks.

Major car service

The top range servicing option is known as a major car service and will be carried out every 24,000 miles. If your last annual service was a full service, then a major service should be next. As this is the most comprehensive of the three service packages, it will cover everything in a full service and more such as changing the brake fluid.

What type of car service do I need?

Every car is going to be different and if you are unsure of what type of car servicing your car needs, then get in touch with a mechanic who will be able to advise on which would be best for you at that point in time.

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