A road map of health & safety features in your car

May 18, 2018

A road map of health & safety features in your car

Your car is designed to get you from A to B however, with EuroNCAP and various vehicle safety laws put in place, car manufacturers use the latest technology to make their vehicles as safe as possible. There are also features to help improve your journey and make your car a comfortable place to be. At MyCarNeedsA.com we have taken a look at some of the health benefits in your car as well as some of the precautions to take.

Health Benefits In Your Car

1. Seat Belt - Designed to secure the driver and passengers in the vehicle against harmful during a collision or a sudden stop. Most modern cars come with seat belt reminder functions.

2. Pollen Filters - Are to protect dirt, debris, odours and pollen from entering the cabin of the car, particularly good for drivers with allergies such as hay fever and respiratory problems.

3. Alerts - Safety features in most modern cars have improved dramatically over the past few years, they now include alerts when drivers have been on the road for too long without a rest break. The alerts will show a coffee cup and advise drivers to pull over. New cars also come with the option and some as standard with lane assist, which is designed to detect a tired driver, the alert will sign when the car moves past the lane line.

4. Bluetooth - No distractions with texting or using social media while driving, Bluetooth enables the driver to still concentrate on the road.

Precautions In Your Car

1. Brakes - Having your brake pads checked regularly could avoid a nasty accident. Have them checked with every service to ensure they are still functioning the way they should.

2. Tyres - Check your tread depth the legal limit is 1.6mm, tyres are your car’s only point of contact with the road and they can improve your stopping distance dramatically and prevent a disastrous accident. Should you need new tyres you can get quotes from MyCarNeedsA.com

3. Seating position & headrest position- If you suffer from back or neck problems, or if you are pregnant, adjusting your seat and headrest can make a big difference to you comfort. Take the pressure off your discs and spine by adjusting your seat, your back should be in contact with the seat up to your shoulders. It also helps if you adjust your seat so you are not overextending to reach the pedals.

Seating Positions In Car

4. Footwear - Wearing comfortable footwear while driving can make a big difference. Do not wear heels or flip flops when driving as this can lead to silly mistakes on the road.

Car Safety Features

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