5 Ways You Can Lower Your Car Emissions

Apr 4, 2018

5 Ways You Can Lower Your Car Emissions

Why should you lower your emissions?

Lowering your car's emissions has a multitude of benefits, it is better for the environment, better for your car and not to mention better on your wallet! Emissions have become the talk of the global automotive industry over the last decade, manufacturers are always trying to come up with ways in which they can improve their vehicles emissions, however, there are adjustments that car owners can make in order to lower their car emissions. Here are the top 5 ways in which drivers can do this:

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1. Regular car servicing – Changing Oil and Air Filter

Having the car regularly serviced will improve the car's emissions, having a service involves having your engine oil changed. The engine oil is what lubricates and cleans the engine, having it changed regularly will freshen it and keep the engine running efficiently. Good quality oil can also make the difference to the engine, check your handbook to see the manufacturer recommendations for the grade of oil.

Regular car servicing also includes a change of air filter which can greatly lower your vehicle emissions. When the air filter is clogged up the air to the engine is impacted which can lead to a build-up in the engine and can cause damage. A basic or low-level service rarely includes an air filter change, and in most cases, it’s the mid-range (full) or major service that includes an air filter change. It’s best to have a full or major service every 12 – 24 months to improve and lower the emissions in your car, as well as improve the overall condition.

2. Better quality fuel

Another way of lowering your car emissions is using a better quality or grade of fuel. Have you ever noticed beside the regular diesel and unleaded petrol pumps there is one usually called ‘super’ or ‘premium’? These fuel pumps are the basically loaded with cleaning chemicals which can remove all the dirt and build up which will automatically improve emissions. Some car owners even recommend better fuel to improve performance and MPG. Have you tried this fuel before? Let us know on twitter @MyCarNeedsA_

3. Efficient car

Not that buying a new car is necessary or cost-efficient in order to improve your emissions if you don’t need to change right away, however, consider when you are changing the car to look at the MPG and consider whether it is going to get you the most bang for your buck. Any car with high 70’s and high 80’s has great MPG.

4. Air Conditioning

Did you know improving your emissions can also be done through your car air conditioning? In a nutshell, every time you use your car air conditioning you are making the engine work a little harder which in turn produces more emissions. Don’t have your air conditioning on if it’s not necessary and also try servicing your air conditioning every 2 years to ensure it will run efficiently.

5. Reduce idle time and improve driving habits

An obvious one to reduce your emissions is to not take journeys that are completely unnecessary, or leave your engine running before you set off. If you are always driving, try improving your driving habits and reduce your idle time. The more you stay still in your car with the engine running the more emissions the car will produce, hence the invention of the stop-start engine. If you have stop-start in your car then you do not need to worry about reducing idle time.

Try all our tips to reduce your car's emissions, taking these little tips can help lower your emissions. Have you any you can share with us?

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