4 Tips For Travelling Over Easter

Apr 11, 2017

4 Tips For Travelling Over Easter

4 Travel Tips For Easter

It’s almost Friday and most of us, are bouncing like bunnies with eggcitement for the Easter break. According to the statistics Easter is one of the busiest times of the year to hit the road, it’s estimated that around 16 million people are on our roads in the UK every year over the Easter period, with Good Friday being the busiest day to travel. If you are planning a trip this Easter to make the most of those bank holidays, here are some tips for planning your journey.

1. Prepare A Checklist

It’s guaranteed that a passenger will forget an item that they struggle to live without, we can all empathise with forgetting the phone charger! The best way to avoid this hindrance is to make a list of all the important things you need for your journey beforehand so nothing is left behind.

  • Easter eggs and lots of snacks for the trip
  • Fuel the car
  • Accessories for your car such as bike racks or roof rails
  • Electronics, phones, iPads or tablets. Don’t forget charging devices and headphones
  • Suitcases or backpacks with all belongings

2. Bring Maps or Sat Nav

If you are driving to somewhere new don’t forget Sat Nav or update your car’s Sat Nav before you take off. A Sat Nav will allow you to plan your entire journey for refuel stops, toilet breaks and food refills which is important when travelling with little ones on a long trip. Not to mention travelling with a SatNav ensures a less stressful trip.

Another way to make your easter trip less stressful is the mycarneedsa.com ‘MCNA’ app, the new update contains five sections that can assist you on your journey:

  • MyDrive - Share your car journey with friends
  • MyParking - Find me a parking space
  • MyFuel - Find fuel locations
  • MyCoffee - Find the nearest coffee shop
  • ParkingPin - Parking pin to find your car

My Drive will help If you are travelling over Easter with your extended family or friends, MyCarNeedsA app MyDrive allows users to share their journey via text, email or social media. This will allow family and friends to track your exact location. MyCarNeedsA app includes MyParking which will show all the local parking facilities in the surrounding area. MyFuel section on the app is a convenient way to locate the nearest fuel station and MyCoffee which will locate the nearest coffee shops in your area. Search for the app on the appstore or playstore and give it a go on your Easter roadtrip!

3. Vehicle Preperations

Before taking off on a long journey be sure to take the time to have your vehicle checked, there is a quick and easy way get a quote for a Vehicle health check from a local service provider. To name a few things that should be checked

It is recommended that you take your car to a garage for a diagnostic before any long journey, most health checks are free and take 20-25 minutes so it’s worth it for piece of mind.

4. The Entertainment

At times it can be difficult to keep passengers entertained on a long journey, why not consider a playlist or some games to keep the crowd happy. With Easter arriving this weekend it only seems appropriate to make your own version of egg heads by preparing questions for the passengers to keep a challenge going. In terms of keeping children occupied nothing beats the classic Eye Spy whilst on the road, other ways to keep your passengers entertained would be making a playlist of top hits over the last decade and see who can call the songs first.

Either way stay safe on your trip and Hoppy Easter from all at MCNA the Glove Box Blog.

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