How to Repair a Puncture

Sep 11, 2019

How to Repair a Puncture

Did you know that you can repair your tyre and not need to call the recovery services?

This method is only a temporary fix for your vehicle because we recommend seeing a trusted mechanic because they are able to repair or replace your tyre correctly. It can be done on the side of the road, at your house or even in a car park (basically anywhere!)

It’s a really easy and simple job that anyone can do.

You Will Need:

  • Emergency tyre repair kit
  • Pliers

1. Locate the puncture

Find the object that is causing your tyre to lose air.

2. Remove the object that caused the puncture with pliers

If the object is a nail, then use your pliers and pull it out from the threading of the nail.

3. Increase the hole

Using the spiral tool, insert it into the puncture and move it up and down. This allows you to fit the tyre refills and also cleans out the hole.

But make sure that the hole isn’t too big.

6. Take the needle and thread it with the tyre repair refill

Take the tyre refill and thread it through the eye of the needle.

7. Place glue around the tyre refill and on the punctured hole

This makes sure that your refill will stay in place as you continue to drive.

8. Insert the needle and the threaded tyre refill into the hole and pull the needle back out

The refill piece should be left inside the hole. If it comes out with the needle try again.

9. Cut off the excess refill piece that is sticking out of your tyre

Using your pliers, cut off any refill that is sticking out over the hole.

10. Carefully drive to your mechanic and get your tyre checked by a professional

Visit and get a quote from us to find the best deal for you to get your tyre repaired.

It’s a simple and easy process. All we need from you is a few details to provide quotes... After that, all you need to do is relax while we find the cheapest offer for you!


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