What Happens If My Car Fails MOT?

Jan 3, 2021

What Happens If My Car Fails MOT?

Failing your MOT test can be disappointing, and you may be surprised to hear that around 37% of drivers fail their MOT test every year. We understand that while this isn’t the most ideal situation to find yourself in, you should know what your options are should you fail your MOT as you want to get your car back on the road as soon as you can.

In this article, we will talk you through everything that is going to happen if your car fails the test, what you should expect when taking it for a retest and what to do in the event of appealing a decision.

What to do if your car failed the MOT test

If you have recently failed your MOT test, the test centre will have issued a VT30 ‘Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate’ which will have all the car’s details, the test number and the reasons why your car didn’t pass. You want to hold on to this as you will need to take it with you depending on whether you get the car retested or decided to appeal the decision.

What happens at an MOT retest?

If you decide to take your car for a retest rather than appealing the decision, you need to address the issues listed on the certificate which were the reasons for your car failing. Before heading back, repair any issues and depending on the issues you failed for, there are a few MOT retest options:

● Take it to be repaired: If the test centre you used also does repairs you could leave it with them to be repaired or take it to a different mechanic for the issues that caused the failure to be fixed. If you have the repairs carried out within 10 working days, you can go for a partial retest which will only test the issues listed on your VT30 certificate.

● Return within one working day: When you fail your MOT, you are entitled to take the car away for repairs (unless the test deems your car to be too dangerous on the roads), you are entitled to take the car back to the testing centre for a free partial retest.

After 10 working days: If you decide to take your car back after the 10 working day period, you are going to be charged the price of a full MOT test.

Can you appeal a failed MOT test?

If you come away from your MOT test feeling as though the car has unfairly failed the test and you decide to appeal the decision, you want to discuss the reasons with the testing centre first as they will be able to clarify any miscommunication.

If you do this and still feel the decision is not correct, you can appeal the decision. In this case, you don’t carry out any of the listed repairs as this can result in the appeal to be cancelled.

The first thing you want to do is get a complaint about an MOT form and fill it out, you then need to send this to the DVSA within 14 working days of your test date. An alternative appointment will then be arranged to test your car within five days and while you’ll be required to pay the test fee again, you will be able to obtain a full or partial refund if the appeal is successful.

My car failed the MOT, what do I do next?

If your car fails the MOT test, you are unable to drive it unless you are taking the car for repairs or to a pre-arranged MOT test. If you need help finding a local, reputable garage, MyCarNeedsA.com are here to help! Gather quotes from local garages in your area today, saving you both time and money!

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