How Do I Find An Approved MOT Centre?

Jan 3, 2021

How Do I Find An Approved MOT Centre?

When you own a car, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself, passengers and other drivers safe and keeping your car well maintained is a vital step in this. Check regularly for any damage, have it serviced regularly, and of course, take your car for its annual MOT test. Putting your car through MOT once a year is a legal requirement so put this date in your diary and make sure you find a reliable garage. If you’re not sure of where to take your car for its MOT test, we can help you find an approved MOT centre.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations

If you’re looking for somewhere new to take your car for its MOT test, it’s a good idea to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Car mechanics rely on positive word of mouth to find new customers and will always go above and beyond to develop a positive reputation for this reason.

If your friends and family have had a positive experience from a particular garage they will be willing to pass on the information. When you know someone who has had their MOT test done by this mechanic, you can rest assured you’ll receive the same service. Asking friends and family will also help you eliminate certain garages they have had negative experiences with.

Search for garages online

If you have asked for those word of mouth recommendations and no one can recommend a good mechanic, you can then take your search online. You can do this by using a search engine to bring up a list of the available garages in your local area.

Or, you can use to help you find reputable, local and approved MOT test centres in your area. This will help you save both time and money, you can use our Get Quotes service to find MOT test centres today!

Read previous customer reviews

Read the online reviews of garages and mechanics in your area to find out what recent experiences were like from other customers. This will make you aware of any issues that customers have faced when using this mechanic and whether or not their service is completely reliable.

MOT Blue Triangles

When you look for garages to take your car to for an MOT test, you want to make sure you look for the symbol of accredited garages which is the three blue triangles. Mechanics must display this logo if they are registered to carry out the annual MOT test. This is a legal requirement for carrying out MOT tests.

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