What Can Cause Excessive or Uneven Tyre Wear?

Jul 27, 2020

What Can Cause Excessive or Uneven Tyre Wear?

Tyres are your vehicle’s only contact with the road, and they are an incredibly important aspect of your car. It is up to you to correctly maintain and care for your tyres as this is essential to keeping you safe, and allowing your car to run smoothly.

Due to their constant contact with the road, tyre wear is normal and you are likely to replace them more than any other car part. However, sometimes tyres can wear abnormally and this can indicate a more serious mechanical issue which can impact your safety on the road.

Tyre wear patterns

Tyres wearing on inside or outside

Tyres suffering wear on the inner or outer edge, more than the rest of the tyre can be due to underinflated tyres. Underinflation will distort the tread away from the road in the centre causing the edges to wear out faster. Check your tyre pressure regularly or have your tyres looked at by a professional to ensure they’re safe for the road. This can also happen due to suspension misalignment, a broken spring or a bent strut.

Tyres wearing in the middle

Tyres suffering wear in the middle can be due to overinflation. By putting too much air in your tyres, the tread can bulge in the centre resulting in wear in the middle. Never be tempted to overinflate your tyres as this will do more damage than good.

Significant wear in the middle of tyres can result from misaligned wheels

How to check your tyres for wear?

If you’re concerned about your tyre wear and tear on your car, the quickest way to check your tyre tread is by using a 20p coin. Place the coin inside one of the main grooves of your tyre.

We recommended using a 20p coin as it has a border, place the coin in the groove of the tyre and make sure you can’t see the full border.

This will indicate that your tyres are deep enough. However, check the tyres at 3 different points to rule out uneven wear.

If you notice irregular wear on your tyres, take it to a garage and have them looked at.

How much do new tyres cost?

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