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We are Finalists for the UK Blog Awards 2018

Jan 3, 2018

We are Finalists for the UK Blog Awards 2018 ‘ The Glove Box Blog’ has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious UK Blog Awards 2018 in the Automobile category and it’s all down to you our readers and those who took the time to vote online for us.

Thank you for taking the time to vote for The Glove Box Blog, we are listed within some of the best company automotive blogs in the UK which is such a big achievement for The Glove Box Blog. Our team will be attending the UK Blog Awards in April to see which fantastic blogs will claim the crown in each category. Thousands of blogs where entered, put up for the public vote, shortlisted and reviewed by judges and the winners are announced on the night in April. The Glove Box Blog was nominated the previous year and won highly commended, since then the blog has been greatly improved. We have updated our blog to make it a lot more user-friendly and easy to navigate for our readers as well as having more engaging and useful content posted weekly, including infographics, blogs, images, diagrams, polls on social media, surveys and videos. As a team, we work hard to plan and fill our blogs with relevant and topical information which to helps our readers with all their car needs.

The purpose of The Glove Box Blog remains the same since the day it started, the objective is to help car owners diagnose and understand issues with their vehicle and arm The Glove Box Blog readers with the right information whilst also answering any questions they may have that are automotive related, including car insurance and Accident Aftercare.

The Glove Box answers complex and simple questions that both readers and car enthusiasts may have when they are seeing early signs of issues, therefore when motorists go to a garage they know exactly what they are talking about. The Glove Box aims to make you the car expert, regardless if you have used or not.

The Glove Box Blog is an information centre of its own for customers to better diagnose issues with their car and ultimately the blog should be understood by a wide audience, not just the car enthusiasts. It’s also very important that we are impartial, so we do not favour one garage or dealership over another, we talk about all options and types of car after services.

The Glove Box Blog should be the one stop of all information on how to fix or sort out a problem with your car so in short, to be a finalist shows that what we are doing is working and our readers are engaging and sharing our blogs more and more.

So, on behalf of the team at - Thank you for voting for us and for reading our blogs through 2017.

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