UNVEILED: The UK’s MoT Failure Hotspots

Feb 22, 2019

UNVEILED: The UK’s MoT Failure Hotspots

Our good friends over at Honestjohn.com have digested all the MoT records from DVSA in recent days which shows in great detail what the top UK MoT Failures are right down to make and model of car. From this research can also see which areas in Britain are hotspots for MoT failures.

Top 10 Areas In Britain For MoT Failure

  1. Kirkcaldy
  2. Plymouth
  3. Dundee
  4. Truro
  5. Exeter
  6. Torquay
  7. Hull
  8. Aberdeen
  9. Bristol
  10. Taunton

Kirkcaldy is one of the top areas in the UK with the worst pass rate for MoT’s, from looking at the data it appears that Plymouth isn’t too far behind Kirkcaldy in terms of having the worst MoT pass rate. Let's take a look at the pass rates per area and see the difference in percentages for each location.

Top 10 areas in Britain for MoT Failure with percentages


55% Pass Rate


55.3% Pass Rate


55.6% Pass Rate


56.5% Pass Rate


57.8% Pass Rate


58.1% Pass Rate


59.1% Pass Rate


59.4% Pass Rate


59.6% Pass Rate


59.8% Pass Rate

Preparing your car for its MoT test is one of the most important things for your car not only because if it fails, it’s illegal to drive but also to save you time, hassle and money on trying to get it fixed and booked in for a re-test. Our more recent blog talked about the most common MoT fails in the UK and the findings reflected that the most common fails where all easy simple fixes. It’s worth taking a walk around the car and checking your headlights are working, you’ve wiper blades that work and you’ve plenty of screenwash. It’s worth checking your tyres to see if they still have plenty of tread (The legal tyre limit in the UK is 1.6mm). It’s also worth checking your brakes as these are one of the most common fails in the UK, listen out for any screeching or if they feel jittery get them checked by a professional. Don’t forget for all your car needs you can also get quotes from garages in your area, compare and choose the best deals all in one place with MyCarNeedsA.com

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On the other hand, let's take a look at the best performing towns in the UK

  1. Enfield 73.5% Pass Rate
  2. Bromley 73% Pass Rate
  3. Ilford 72.9% Pass Rate
  4. Romford 72.7% Pass Rate
  5. Croydon 71.9% Pass Rate
  6. Chelmsford 71.6% Pass Rate
  7. Slough 70.8% Pass Rate
  8. South East London 70.7% Pass Rate
  9. Dartford 70.7% Pass Rate
  10. Southend-on-Sea 70.5% Pass Rate

These have some of the best pass rates across the UK however there are still around 26.5% of fails even in the best performing towns. No matter where you are based we can source a trusted mechanic and get you the best quote on the market. Just enter your reg and we’ll get started on getting the quotes today!

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