Silly Mistakes Will Cost You On Your MoT

Feb 20, 2019

Silly Mistakes Will Cost You On Your MoT

Over one-third of motorists in the UK fail their MoT test by not making basic checks on their car, according to Government figures obtained by consumer champion and

DVSA MoT records show that 7.3 million MoT failures were recorded in 2017 and over 2 million of these could have been avoided if car owners carried out a few basic checked over the car before the test. These basic checks include things like tyres, brakes, windscreen and lights, simple easy checks that take no more than a few seconds to look over.

One of the top reasons in the UK why cars fail the MoT test is incorrect headlamp aim, there was a total of 976,569 fails across the UK.

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Take a look at the top UK MoT fails:

Headlamps 976,569
Brakes 921,246
Broken Registration Plate Lamps 912,246

The top five fails also includes tyre tread and missing windscreen wash which are all simple checks and are easy rectified. have published their MoT files which enables motorists to spot cars common failures by make, model and year. The MoT files are one of the most detailed MoT analysis there is and it covers England, Wales and Scotland. This report shows the areas in the UK that perform the worst over the UK and which areas perform the best.

The same MoT file also shows what makes and models of car commonly fails the MoT test and which models perform the best.

Take a look at the top 10 MoT Fails in the UK

  1. Headlights
  2. Brakes
  3. Broken Reg Light
  4. Defective Side Lights
  5. Tyre Tread
  6. Worn Windscreen Wipers
  7. Faulty Brake Lights
  8. Coil Springs
  9. Headlights Not Functioning
  10. No Windscreen wash

The MoT test is one of the most dreaded moments for car owners but it really shouldn’t be. Just ensure you take the time to prepare your car, check all the above list because these are the most common fails and MoT testers will be on the lookout for these.

If you book your car in for an MoT and service the mechanic should walk you through what your car will need for its MoT if you aren’t entirely sure how to check your car yourself. Should you need to get quotes for your MoT then you can use our handy comparison tool that allows you to compare the prices of MoT’s in your area at once.

All you need to do is enter your reg and a few simple details and we’ll start the process of gathering quotes. No more phoning or waiting on garages to get back and trying to book a time slot that suits, let

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