Top Tips for the School Run

Oct 29, 2019

Top Tips for the School Run

Anyone travelling past schools in the morning knows that it becomes somewhat of a logistical nightmare of simmering rage and passive-aggressive manoeuvring. Littered with impatient drivers, hazards flashing for those stopped in the middle of the road, it’s enough to encourage road rage in anyone. Especially when you are trying to make your way to work.

But the thing about it is, if we could just remember that everyone’s journey is equally important and everyone obeys the actual rules of the road, things could start to run a lot smoother.

We have put together a survival guide for school run drivers:

1. Walking

This is an obvious one, and yes, we know it’s not always ideal or practical but if you can, walk the kids to school rather than driving. You could even park a little further away and walk the last few minutes of the journey. This would cut down on congestion and help make the journey easier for other drivers. All while squeezing exercise into your child’s routine.

2. Have you heard of the Dutch Reach that saves lives?

The Dutch Reach Project was developed in response to the problem of motorists ignoring the surrounding traffic, swinging their doors opened without even looking and damaging other cars and the potential to harm cyclists or motorcyclists.

If you want to keep your car doors and ensure the safety of other users, think of the Dutch Reach, which is using the far hand to reach across and open your door. This forces you to turn around in your seat and gives you a better view of any oncoming traffic.

3. Simply obey the rules of the road!

I know this one may be a bit hard to believe but in actual fact, the rules of the road are not suspended between the hours of 8.30 and 9.15am.

So, to ensure the safety of you, your children and other individuals here are some reminders of what all school run drivers should be doing.

  • Do not park on zig-zag lines
  • Do not park on yellow lines
  • Do not obstruct school crossing patrol, driveways, footpaths, entrances or traffic!
  • Always be considerate of other road users
  • Ensure your children exit your vehicle onto a footpath rather than exiting onto a main road
  • Drive CAREFULLY past schools at busy times
  • Cross any road with extreme care and attention

4. Don’t let rage get the better of you

I think it’s safe to say that we all have experienced a bit of anger or frustration when behind the wheel due to other school run drivers. Being angry or rushing will only make matters worse, and it will not make the traffic move any faster. So please, stay calm! These people could be experiencing as much stress as you are, they are just handling it in a different way!

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