How to Drive Safely in the Dark

Oct 29, 2019

How to Drive Safely in the Dark

You’ve dug out your scarf and gloves and the clocks have officially gone back: this means the nights are getting longer, and it seems like the day doesn’t begin until you’re already in work.

With these dark journeys, it can make the roads a little more dangerous. That’s why has created this blog post to ensure that you’re safe while driving in the mornings and evenings:

Make yourself known = Turn on your lights

Make sure that your lights are clean and effective, and that you turn on the correct ones, be aware of others and how your lights can affect other drivers.

This may seem like an obvious point to make, but many fail to either:

●Check that their lights are working

●Turn on the correct lights once it becomes night

●Dip their lights when another driver is on the road

If you see another driver on the road, it’s vital that you dip your lights, otherwise you could cause an obstruction to the other driver’s vision, leading to an accident because they are unable to see due to your headlights.

During the summertime, we don’t really use our lights, meaning when it comes into this time of the year, we have forgotten about them, and more often than not, they need to be cleaned to ensure that the light is visible to others, or sometimes they need to be replaced.

The average cost to replace a lightbulb is £15.00.

Are you seeing double? Clean your Windscreen

It’s vital that your windscreen is clean and clear for you to see out of. If your windscreen is dirty and wet, then it will reduce your ability to see clearly and the road will appear blurry.

If you have any cracks in your windscreen then it’s important that you get them repaired ASAP, before you make any long commutes.

Find out more about crack windscreens here

Did you see that? Stay alert

Be alert to your surroundings.

If you see a glimpse of light at the top of the hill or at bends- this could be another driver so act accordingly, reduce your speed and ensure your headlights are dipped.

Be aware of cyclists, especially when it’s dark.

When it becomes dark, it can be difficult to see them, especially if they aren’t wearing the correct gear. Take a minute, check your mirrors and ensure that it’s safe to pull out of a junction or turn into a side street.

How to Drive Safely in the Dark

Here is a recap of how to drive safely in the dark:

  1. Turn on your lights
  2. Ensure that your windscreen is clean and clear
  3. Be aware of your surroundings

If you have found yourself in an accident and are in need to get a component replaced or repaired:


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