When Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

Sep 16, 2019

When Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

Having a clean and clear windscreen is vital for your vision when you’re driving; that’s why it can be a bit nerve-racking when a bit of gravel comes flying up and cracks your windscreen.

If you have a cracked windscreen it’s important that you don’t wait around to get it looked at. More often than not, a crack can be repaired (and not be the hefty bill you are expecting).

However, if left too long, the crack will expand and could result in the crack increasing. This will not only impair your vision and result in your car no longer being roadworthy but you will also need to pay for a full windscreen replacement.

Dirt can also get within the cracks, meaning it can be difficult for the mechanic to repair and produce a clear and safe windscreen.

This post is all you need to know from the difference between needing to get your windscreen replaced instead of repaired, what an MOT has to say about a cracked windscreen and how much a windscreen replacement or repair is going to cost.

Can I Drive with a Cracked Windscreen?

As mentioned above, driving with a cracked windscreen can be dangerous, and could cause you more damage and repairs than it initially intailed.

It can also impair your vision, which not only puts you in danger but you are also putting other road vehicles in danger.

Can be Windscreen be Repaired?

The size and location of the crack will ultimately depend on whether or not your windscreen needs repaired or replaced.

The windscreen is broken up into ‘zones’ which help determine the amount of work that needs to be done.

If the damage is located in zone A, which is positioned right in front of you, then any damage up to 10mm can be repaired.

  • Damages up to 15mm can be repaired in zone B.
  • Damages up to 25mm can be repaired in zone C
  • Damages up to 45mm can be repaired in zone D.

Repairing your windscreen is actually quite simple. Firstly the mechanic will analysis the crack and the location of it, using the above measurements to ensure that the windscreen is repairable. Next, they will clean and dry the damaged area and fill it with a clear resin that has similar properties to glass.

Your windscreen won’t look as it once did, and sometimes the damage is slightly visible, but it does mean your car is safe to drive on the road and avoids the crack expanding.

Does my Windscreen need to be Replaced?

If your crack is any larger than the measurements in the respective zones, then you will need to replace your windscreen.

Will my Cracked Windscreen Fail an MOT

For an MOT test, your windscreen is divided into two sections: the A zone which 290mm wide and is centred on the steering column. Zone B is located on either side of zone A where your windscreen wipers would clean.

If cracks are larger than 10mm in zone A, you will fail your MOT.

If cracks are larger than 40mm in zone B, you will fail your MOT.

How much does it Cost to get my Windscreen Replaced?

Here at MyCarNeedsA.com, we have carried out some research and found the average cost for a windscreen replacement throughout the UK on our site is £338.17.

If you’re in need for a windscreen repair or replacement, why not get an instant and cheap quote from us today?


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