How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Window?

Nov 18, 2019

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Window?

Even if you drive carefully, you can still suffer damage to your vehicle glass. With your windscreen, it could be a stone, chip, or damage from a piece of flying debris or crack caused by hitting a pothole at high speed. Unfortunately, it is not one of the things we can prevent.

When considering your side and rear windows, the problem tends to be more likely from a break in. Thieves choose to smash a side or rear window to get into your car. So, you may have lost some of your personal belongings and you have a mess of broken glass to contend with too, not particularly ideal.

Your car’s glass seems to be under constant threat from all sides.

Windscreen and window replacement costs can vary, why?

Like any type of repair your car may need, the cost can vary depending on a few factors:

The make, model and year of your car

Different cars are going to have different glass specifications, there’s no one size fits all option. Some types of vehicle glass are easier to manage than others. If your car is one of the more popular models, it’s more likely to be in stock. But if you have a rare model, say a vintage car, the glass may need to be ordered in from a specialist supplier. Same applies if you have a prestige vehicle that requires the glass to be ordered from a dealership.

Glass type supplied and fitted

If you have a car windscreen that is ‘smart’ it stands to a reason that the windscreen replacement cost is going to be higher than a standard windscreen that needs to be replaced.

Is the repair covered by my insurance?

If you need your windows or windscreen replaced, you may assume that the cost of the repair is going to be covered by your car insurance. You need to check if your policy has a specific vehicle glass cover, because if it hasn’t, you will need to pay an excess fee putting your no claims at risk.

What is the average cost of windscreen or window repair?

If you need a simple repair, it could cost anywhere between £50-£150 depending on how bad the crack or chip is. If you need to replace the windscreen, you could expect to pay anywhere up to £600, however, this will all depend on certain factors. Expect to pay a similar average price for window replacement.

If you need a windscreen or window replacement or repair, why not get a quote from local mechanics in your area!


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