How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Central Locking Replaced?

Nov 18, 2019

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Central Locking Replaced?

Ever wondered how your car doors lock? It’s down to a selection of electrical rocker switches that control your car doors. Car door locks can still be activated manually, by the traditional key in a lock method. But nowadays, we are all used to using the electronic key fob to activate the switches. It’s easier and quicker.

How does your remote central locking actually work?

In simple terms, your remote button sends a signal to the door lock relay, the lock relay activates the lock actuator inside the door, the lock opens and grants access to the vehicle.

How much does it cost to repair central locking?

The lock switch operates as the remote for the actuator. One of the problems we can face as a car owner is when this switch dies, then the actuator has no way of being activated and your locks are inoperable.

Unfortunately, most of these components are supplied as a complete assembly unit. Making the repair impractical, so replacing the whole assembly unit is your only option. These complete units can be costly, if you must replace them in every door, your central locking repair cost is going to escalate.

Common reasons for your central locking system failing

When you book in for a repair, a mechanic will check for a few issues:

  • A blown fuse.
  • Faulty key fob.
  • Dead battery in the key fob.
  • Door lock solenoid could have failed.
  • Damaged electrical wires.

Cost for central locking repair

Central locking replacement can cost you anywhere between £100-£300 for standard model vehicles. If you need a central locking replacement, get a quote with us today! We will give you quotes from local mechanics in your area!


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