Full Service All You Need To Know

Aug 10, 2017

Full Service All You Need To Know

A full service includes a comprehensive check on your vehicle and typically includes 60+ checks. There are typically 3 levels of any car service available at most workshops which are:

1. Interim

2. Full

3. Major

What is the difference between servicing packages

Car servicing can come in different tiers and can depend on which garage you chose the names for these can vary, for example, basic for an interim service, or a master service for a major, gold (Major), silver ( Full Service), bronze (Interim).

An interim service typically includes 30+ checks, a full typically includes 60+ checks and a major service can include up to 80 checks. This will depend on which garage you choose to carry out your car service.

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What Is Included In a Full Car Service

A full Service is an interim service and more, typically garages run full car services with a ’60-point check’ or similar. This ensures that the technician would be carrying out a comprehensive check on the vehicle to ensure everything is checked and tested.

See below what’s included in a full Service:

1. Top up of brake fluid & anti-freeze

2. Brake Check, including pipes, hoses and shoes

3. Pollen filters, Air filter, oil change

4. Spark plugs/fuel filters

5. Engine inspection

6. Air conditioning check

7. Wheel bearing and shock absorber test

8. Exhaust Check

9. Suspension Checked

10. Clutch and Handbrake check

Every garage will vary but should provide a full breakdown of the checks that are included in a full service. A full service includes extensive checks and quite often doesn’t include parts unless specified by the garage, anything that stands out as a potential issue you will be advised by the garage to have it repaired or replaced.

How Much Does A Full Service Cost?

A full service will cost anywhere between £120 and upwards, however, each garage will have their own version of a full service so be sure to check the finer detail you might just be getting a better deal than you think. Some garages can include almost everything in a full service that is in a major service but it might just be a little bit more expensive. Always best to check with the garage exactly what is included, you can also get full service costs through MyCarNeedsA.com

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Choosing A Garage For A Full Service

If you are looking for a garage to carry out a full service on your car, MyCarNeedsA.com has a network of 4,000 garages across the UK, who can provide servicing costs online. MyCarNeedsA.com allows you to compare costs for full servicing, as well as compare the offer and decide which location and date suits you best. It’s simple just enter your car registration online and wait on the quotes.

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