Car Warning Lights - What To Look Out For!

Feb 15, 2018

Car Warning Lights - What To Look Out For!

A dashboard full of flashing car warning lights can be quite overwhelming, there are so many different symbols and, what do they mean? It can be very confusing, even if you are researching online about dash lights be mindful of what you read because warning lights can vary depending on the make and model of your car, making it even more confusing. Always check the user manual in your car to verify the light and it's meaning. If you don't see it, have your car checked as soon as possible by a professional mechanic.

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Car warning lights are an extremely useful way of identifying any issues in your car early and assist car owners in catching faults before they cause any further damage. see thousands of car diagnostic jobs put on the website on a weekly basis and these are all car owners who have car warning lights illuminated on the dashboard.

Here are some examples of the customers who have car warning light issues.

Customer Car Warning Light Issues

Some dashboard lights are more important than others and over the years warning lights have been put in place to improve safety and to support laws. For example, it became law in 1989 that every passenger in the car must wear a seatbelt and to support this law manufactures started to use dashlights as a reminder to passengers as a safety feature.

Dashboard Lights – The Breakdown

Dashboard lights range from recommendations to warnings and to help drivers identify the severity of the warning light they are typically colour coded. A red light indicates a serious issue that needs to be checked immediately (sometimes they can flash if they are critical), amber requires attention or a service and green or blue are activation colours. Green and blue are most recognisable with fog lights or high beam lights when the dash light is green or blue it’s an indication that they are activated.

Here are some of the dashboard lights that are most common and therefore important to know. Why don’t you test yourself and see if you know any before checking the answer?

Oil Warning Light

This dash light is probably easier to identify instantly, the oil warning light is certainly one that needs paying attention to immediately, as you can see it is illuminating in a red colour. If your car has no oil to lubricate the moving parts, it can cause serious damage to the engine and end up costing you in the long run. Synthetic oil costs around £15-30 (Depending on the grade you choose) so save yourself money and hassle and always dip and check your oil levels.

Check Engine Warning Light

The check engine light reflects a malfunction with the engine that requires attention immediately, as soon as it illuminates find a safe place to pull over and check the car manual to see the manufacture advice. In some vehicles drivers have to avoid acceleration when this light appears, it’s always best to check your user manual in your car and get your car booked in for a vehicle diagnostic.

Battery Warning Light

The battery will need to be checked at your earliest convenience, the best thing to do is switch off all your electrical equipment. By switching off the electrical equipment such as the radio, air conditioning or lights (if it’s daytime), this simply reduces power being used from your battery. There are a few reasons why the battery light is showing on your car, usually, it’s the alternator, wiring or a charging issue. Get quotes for a battery check through

DPF Warning Light

This warning light will only show in diesel models, the diesel particulate filter is usually an amber warning, however, it needs attention as soon as possible. The DPF needs to be cleaned if the filter cannot regenerate or is having trouble getting rid of the particles clogged up inside it. This can impact the performance of the car and should, in theory, burn more fuel, have your DPF cleaned as soon as possible to avoid any further issues.

Tyre Pressure

This warning light is a tyre pressure warning light which will require you to inflate your tyres. When your tyre pressure is low your car will naturally burn more fuel trying to turn the wheels, save your fuel and bring your car to the nearest garage and inflate them as soon as you can.

Service Warning Light

If your service light is illuminating then, get quotes online and book your service to keep your car in good health and avoid any more warning lights from appearing on your dash.

Coolant Warning Light

If your car is showing this light, this is because you need the coolant levels topped up. It could also mean your engine is too hot due to low coolant levels or it could indicate a leak or a broken hose. Have your vehicle serviced regularly to check for cracks and leaks to avoid any issues. If this lights up on the dash, it’s best to turn the engine off to avoid overheating.

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Always Listen To Your Car

If there are any dashboard lights illuminating on in your car, don’t take them lightly. Some new cars can be quite sensitive and dashlights might show more than some older models. It is always best to have the warning lights checked to ensure there is nothing underlying. If the dashboard lights are left and not attended to this could cause even more damage to the car which is unnecessary and could end up costing more in the long run. With regular servicing and MoT or vehicle health checks, these could all be identified very early on and avoid future hassle and money. Always listen to your car and if your dashlights are showing try getting a quote with, compare prices, locations and reviews on garages near you.

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