Are you confused with Car Insurance options?

Sep 12, 2017

Are you confused with Car Insurance options?

Picking car insurance can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many options to choose from and so little we actually know on the finer details of car insurance. Whether you’re a young driver who has just gotten their first car or an experienced driver, can introduce you to Seopa Ltd who can help you better understand and discover which car insurance quote is best for you and your car needs. To start off understanding insurance, there are a few different types of car insurance cover that any driver or car owner should be made aware of when pricing your new policy.

The Types of Car Insurance Coverage UK

1. Comprehensive

2. Third party

3. Third party fire and theft

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance cover is also commonly referred to as ‘fully comp’, it is actually the highest level of coverage for divers available, however, each policy will vary depending on which insurance provider you choose to go with. Comprehensive car insurance will cover you and the damage to your own car even if you are at fault, making it a very safe option when it comes to choosing what type of cover you want. Your claim should cover any costs concerned with car repair, and any accidental damage to the car meaning that the after costs will be totally covered once you have paid the access agreed at the start of the policy.

With comprehensive cover it is quite commonly confused that you are covered to drive any car, however, this is not always the case, but quite often if the ‘fully comp’ policy holder is operating another vehicle with permission then they are covered third party. Always be sure to check the policy or ask the insurance provider for full details on driving other vehicles and the finer details on your car insurance cover.

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Third Party Car Insurance

This is the opposite to fully comprehensive insurance, third party car insurance covers the other car or people involved in the accident (the third party involved) but not you. If you damage someone else’s vehicle it will be covered however your vehicle will not be covered. Third party car insurance is commonly assumed to be cheap, however, it’s not always the case…try getting quotes today and compare with other policy types to see the most competitive offer.

Third party car insurance could be useful if you live in an area that insurance providers consider ‘higher risk’ or it could be useful if you perhaps do not have any no claims bonus. This is a gateway option into building up your no claims bonus to make the policy more affordable and build your driving credibility. Third party car insurance is also useful to drivers who own a car that has really low value and the driver can afford to replace it, if this matches you then get quotes with Seopa Ltd via today.

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Third Party Fire & Theft

Third party fire and theft is pretty much the in-between option of car insurance, it’s a balance between comprehensive and third-party cover. This policy covers the third party involved in an accident but not your car. Additional to third party insurance, third party fire and theft covers the cost of your car repairs and replacement if the car is stolen or damaged by a fire both accidental or arson. This type of cover would suit a driver who has a low value car and can afford to replace or perhaps lives in an area that insurance providers consider a ‘high risk’.

When choosing your car insurance try getting a quote for the different types of policies available, sometimes third party is not the cheapest option. Sometimes a fully comprehensive policy can be cheaper or for just a few pounds more a month you could have a policy that completely covers you in any circumstance.

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