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Replacement Vehicles

You don’t have to let an accident stop you in your tracks when you’re a registered user.


That’s because we can usually arrange for a temporary replacement vehicle similar to your own to keep you on the road while yours is being repaired through our accident management & replacement car service - Accident Aftercare.


We know how important it is for you to have access to a vehicle - lots of’s registered customers have their business transport registered with us, and use the service to get all their routine servicing and maintenance needs attended to. We ensure that their car spends as little time off the road as possible, and that any repairs and servicing are carried out when it fits in with their schedule.


So we know how important it is for you to still have access to a replacement car (vehicle) should disaster strike and your car needs repairs after an accident. As a registered user you have access to our Accident Aftercare helpline, on 03701 118 215, so one call can set the wheels in motion on getting you mobile again.


So as well as looking after the entire process of getting quotes for repairs, keeping your insurance company informed, and getting your car booked in for accident repairs,’s Accident Aftercare can arrange for you to have use of a replacement car or van while yours is off the road.


Add our helpline number, 03701 118 215, to your address book. Then, should the worst happen, we’ll swing into action to get you mobile again.


Been in an accident? For help & assistance call:

03701 118 215