The writings on the wall

If you have noticed that your tyres need to be replaced, you'll need to make sure that they are exactly the same size as the current ones. To find out your tyre sizes look at the side wall of your current tyres and this is what you need to let us quote on. See below a graphic explaining what the codes mean. If you are not replacing all fours tyres at the same time, it is advisable to not mix tyre types across an axle, i.e. front or back.

Tyre Size Guide

What is tyre labelling?

In November 2012 there was a new EU legislation that came into force which meant that new tyres sold within Europe have to be labelled, as shown above right.

The 3 sectors are fuel efficiency (top left), grip in wet conditions (top right) and external rolling noise (bottom) so you can instantly see how the tyre will perform. The main reason for this legislation was to provide the consumer with more information about the product and also increase road safety, effect on the environment and making purchasing tyres more cost-effective.