Trustpilot Rating

By George From Rotherham

Published 3 years ago

I was offered a free inspection from Halfords, When using

I was offered a free inspection from Halfords, When using for repairs I thought I needed doing. I turned up there without booking an appointment and the guy was extremely helpful asked if could wait ten minutes amd he would put the car on a ramp to see what needed doing. What I explained I had been told needed doing he checked out, and although it will need doing in the future it doesn’t right now and is not the immediate problem with the vehicle as first thought and was honest enough to tell me it wasn’t worth having done and wouldn’t solve my problems. I think this is a great thing from a garage to do a free inspection taking their time and then telling you that it would be a waste of money to have something done that wasn’t needed. He also identified the problem which turned out to be major works and was also honest enough to say it was something that was extremely expensive and beyond their means tat Halfords as it required a specialist. Top marks for honesty. And the pair of mechanics were thorough in explaining the problems to someone like me who knows nothing about cars. Thanks men

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